I am...

Like you, I didn't have a VISION for my life. It wasn't until I got clear and took a look at several areas of my life: Relationships, Career, Health, Fitness, Family and Organization did my vision truly come to me. Getting clear took place after learning more about these areas plus reshaping my own life and creating results that lead me to become a Life Coach.



With over 21 years of experience in the medical field, working with physicians and advocating for better patient care, I saw an aspect of health that wasn’t often discussed – emotional health. I enjoy working with people and desired a career path that would align with my passion. I completed my life coach training with Choice Center University in Las Vegas, which is widely known and recognized to be one of the most rigorous programs in the emotional intelligence (EQ) industry.   During the program, I achieved extraordinary results in my career and health, earning a national award for Top Physician Account Executive in the Nation and participating in my first 5k for the American Heart Association. 


EQ training helped me to take my passion and make it my career.  As a life coach, my vision is to support my clients in overcoming personal and professional challenges in order to create extraordinary results in their lives.   Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary!


I am married to the love of my life, raising 3 beautiful children together.  During my family’s downtime, we enjoy traveling to Cancun, Cabo, and Hawaii. When home we volunteer in the community and watch the kids participate in their favorite extracurricular activities - football, soccer, and dance.  As a life coach, I donate my time to support and mentor other coaches and support local charities like Project150 (a local charity for homeless teens). 

10501 West Gowan Road #130 | Las Vegas, NV  89129 | mike@clearlydriven.net | Tel: 702.715.7140